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LINK HONOR is a manufacturer of dished heads for tanks and offers cold formed tank heads made from stainless steel and many other alloys.

LINK HONOR  is a company engaged in the business of cold forming dished heads for tanks, boilers, industrial equipment.

Our customers belong to different industrial sectors: Petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agro-food, logistics, transports, tanks, water treatments, environment, industrial boiler, heat exchangers, etc.

We manufacture a large range of dished heads and cones to varying shapes and standards: Torispherical head or bottom, Klopper heads (DIN-28011), Korbbogen heads(DIN-28013), spherical caps, flat heads, Flanged only Head, dished heads for low pressure, spherical covers, diffusion heads, cone heads, Cones for Pressure Vessels, PRC heads(NFE 81-101), MRC heads (NFE 81-104), GRC heads(NFE 81-102), elliptical heads 1,9:1 (NFE 81-103), elliptical heads 2:1(ASME), hemispherical heads, Shallow Head, Inverted Dished heads and Inverted Cones...

Custom made and/or Standard size.

We manufactures Heads according to PED 97/23 EC for pressure vessels. The stainless steel material is certificated according to Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC).
The dished and flanged heads are manufactured with PED/ TÜV standard plates aiming the production of pressure machines.

We proceed according to the following manufacturing laws: CODAP, ASME, ADM.

We manufactures stainless steel tank heads, in order to avoid any pollution from other materials. This point represents another guarantee of quality for all our clients.

Referenced norms:
Dished heads are manufactured according to the following norms:
- NF E 81-100 December 1997 – Dished heads, designation, tolerances.

- German tolerances DIN28011 et DIN28013


We manufactures the following type of heads:

· PRC Small knuckle radius head N FE 81-101 or Shallow Head

· GRC Large knuckle radius head N FE 81-102 or Torispherical head DIN28011

· Elliptical head N FE 81-103 or Semi Ellipsoidal Head DIN28013

· MRC Medium knuckle radius head N FE 81-104

Edge machining and bevelling are made according to the N FE81-110.


· Calculation of the disc’s diameter

· Disc cutting

· Disc welding, in case of disc in several parts

· Destructive or non-destructive controls (if requested in yourorder)

· Cap pressing process and control of the knuckle radius

· Knuckle radius forming and knuckle radius control

· Edge machining according to NFE 81 110

· Dished head control at the end of the manufacturing process

· Dished head pickling

· Dished head polishing (if requested in your order)

· Openings (if requested in your order)

· Final control before consignment.

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